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The architectural firm Angelo Sepielli was born in 1990 in Turin (Italy), and develops over the years by participating in architectural competitions at national and international level.
The main activities of the study covering many areas of design, from initial assessment of customer requirements, to design and delivery.
Every aspect of the work is followed carefully, ensuring execution and attention to detail using a continuous consulting in technology specialists and experts. Also fundamental is the constant assistance provided to the customer in every phase of the process, to ensure maximum satisfaction and at the same time the respect of high quality standards.


  • architectural design as both new construction and as a recovery and building renovation;
  • planning interventions in the residential area, tourism / hospitality, production and retail;
  • study and design of customized spaces through the use of three-dimensional modeling software.


building papers
appraisal documents eand technical evaluations
health authorizations
opinions by the Superintendency of Architectural Heritage
registration in the property registers


construction supervision
safety plans
business advice

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